DethStruck's Greyhawk

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Part 2: Phandalin

Our wagon arrived in Phandalin with Yeemick as prisoner. Yeemick was delivered to jail in the Townmaster’s Hall by Sildar and the goods delivered to Barthen’s Provisions. Each of us earned 10 gold pieces and the treasure of Klarg was divided up amongst us. We also visited Linene Graywind at the Lionshield Coster and she offered us the job retrieving her goods.

It was learned at Stonehill Inn that the Redbrands were taking over in town and causing problems.

We decided to sleep at the Stonehill Inn because Jasmal and I needed to rest before attempting to roust the Redbrands. Dylan, Gildervan and Ront ran off in the night to The Sleeping Giant Taphouse and Gildervan attempted an ill fated surprise attack on the Redbrands leading to a brawl in the streets. The three barely managed to succeed in their attacks and escaped wounded, but with their lives. Shame on them for leaving us to sleep and running off with half a group into a fight.

Upon waking up Bryn and Jasmal met up with the rest of the group in the common room and they decided to go to the cave they heard about from Pip. Pip led them to Carp who told them all he knew of the cave he found that the Redbrands used as an entrance to their hideout below the ruins of Tresendar manor.

The party entered the cave and came across a creature we called Mouthbelly. We discovered Mouthbelly had only one interest, and that was food. We promised to provide some food to Mouthbelly and continued on. Exploring room by room we tried to enter a room, but ended up stumbling onto someone who Ront said looked like Iarno Albrek who carried a glass staff. Ront had an enchantment cast upon him but by the time the rest of the group piled past him all they found was an empty room. We ran out to find the mage rushing through rooms as fast as possible but Redbrands confronted us almost immediately slowing our pursuit.



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