DethStruck's Greyhawk

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Part 1: Goblin Arrows

Gildervan, a wood elf ranger, his companion Ront, a half-orc fighter, Bryn, a wood elf sorceress, and Jasmal, a druid, decided to travel to Phandalin to find Reidoth, Bryn and Jasmal’s father, who they haven’t heard from in a few weeks. On their way out of Naerie, the three meet Dylan, a former noble human rogue, escorting a wagon of mining supplies to Phandalin for Gundren, a merchant, and Sildar, his bodyguard.

The party begins the journey with the horse drawn wagon through the woods between Naerie and Phandalin. Gildervan uses his exceptional perception to scout the road ahead of the wagon and not far into the journey spots dead horses on the road. Further scouting revealed two goblins on a hill along the route.

Two goblins turned into four and they were easily dispatched by the wagon party. Dylan suggested that we investigate the situation further to make sure Sildar and Gundren weren’t taken captive by the goblins.

We secured the wagon and found a cave the goblins seemed to have been using as a hideout. Gildervan began scouting ahead and spotted a goblin on the bridge. In a foiled attempt at heroism Gildervan shot an arrow attached to a rope to pull the goblin off the bridge and avoid attention. The arrow missed, but the goblin was taken down by Bryn. After sneaking past some wolves tied up in a den the party came into a room that appeared to be the sleeping quarters of some goblins. The four goblins were also quickly taken out with a sleeping spell and some attacks. Another goblin was spotted in the back of the sleeping quarters holding Sildar hostage. Yeemick, the goblin, quickly pleaded for his life and was charmed by Jasmal into assisting our search for Gundren, after Sildar was freed.

Yeemic provided helpful information in describing the inside of the goblin cave, and the bugbear, Klarg, that was in charge of the goblins.

The situation became stressful when a goblin was spotted near a dam, but with information from Yeemick we were able to surprise the goblin and continue into the depths of the cave. Yeemick was fooled into charging in and attacking Klarg in the hopes of taking over the goblin cave and treasure.

Ront made quick work of Klarg’s wolf, Ripper. And the party relentlessly attacked Klarg before he had a chance to fight back.

A search of the lair revealed crates of merchandise marked with a blue lion insignia. It also revealed Klarg’s treasure. There was much debate over the proper way to handle Yeemick. He was tied up and brought back to the wagon to take the to the town of Phandalin with the party.



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